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Biotec Pharmacon Group

Biotec Pharmacon ASA is a Norwegian public company based in Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle. The company has been listed on Oslo Stock Exchange since November 2005.

The activities of the group are separated into two operating subsidiaries.

Biotec BetaGlucans logoBeta-Glucan applications

Biotec BetaGlucans AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biotec Pharmacon, develops and manufactures immune modulating compounds for the human health sectors. Basic research on the mode of action of the various proprietary beta-1,3/1,6-glucan products at a cellular/molecular level has been the foundation for testing the products in animal models and in clinical trials.

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ArcticZymes logoArcticZymes

The marine enzyme unit, organised in the subsidiary ArcticZymes AS, is focused on developing cold adapted enzymes for use in various RNA and DNA processes. All current products originates from fish or shrimps living in the cold seawaters in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Norway and Svalbard. The preconditions for survival in these waters are “life systems” supporting life at very low temperatures.

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Biotec Pharmacon is also connected to BioTech North, which is an emerging biotechnology cluster of enterprises and R&D organizations, closely cooperating with regional funding and development actors (triple helix). As bioactive molecules and compounds from Arctic marine resources form the basis of activities for the majority of the cluster members, BioTech North serves as a marine biotech cluster. The majority of BioTech North’s enterprises are active within life science applications and markets.