Svein W. F. Lien, CEO.

Svein (born 1954) holds a Master of Science degree in Business from the Norwegian School of Management, BI, and has wide commercial experience. From 1990 to 1993, he was a Director of Teknoinvest, a Norwegian venture company. From 1993 he was appointed President of Axis Biochemicals ASA. Svein later became Joint Managing Director of Axis-Shield plc when Axis Biochemicals ASA merged with Shield Diagnostics Group plc in May 1999 and was later appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Group. He stepped down from this role at year end 2007 and became Partner in Cubera Private Equity from spring 2008 until autumn 2009. He then spent time building up his own consultancy and advisory business before taking over as CEO of Biotec Pharmacon from mid March 2010. Beside these full time positions, Svein has also been involved in a number of high tech companies mostly in life science and still holds a few Board positions. Number of shares held by Svein and close associates: 550,829. Number of options in Biotec Pharmacon held by Svein: 160,000.

Børge Sørvoll, Chief Financial Officer

Børge (born 1975) assumed the position as CFO on Oct 1, 2014. He has previous experience from the position as SCM Manager at Subsea 7, and before that as CFO in Front Exploration and as Managing Director of Troms Kraft Invest. Børge holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration from the University of Wyoming. Børge holds 17,428 shares and 70,000 options in Biotec Pharmacon.

Rolf Engstad, CSO.

Rolf (born 1959) holds a M.Sc. in biology and a Ph.D in biochemistry from the University of Tromsø, where he was employed as researcher from 1988 to 1998. Since 1999 he has held the position as R&D manager in Biotec Pharmacon. In September 2006 he was appointed CSO. Number of shares in Biotec Pharmacon held by Rolf: 350,774. Number of options in Biotec Pharmacon held by Rolf: 80,000.


Jethro Holter, Managing Director, ArcticZymes AS

Jethro (born 1972) joined ArcticZymes as Managing Director on January 1st, 2015. He has previous experience from Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher Scientific) in international business development of B2B/OEM solutions with Diagnostic and Life Science companies as well as other sales experience. Earlier in his career, he was R&D Director at Mole Genetics AS developing automated sample prep solutions. Jethro holds a Ph.D in Molecular Neuroscience from Cardiff University, UK. Number of shares in Biotec Pharmacon held by Jethro: 564. Number of options in Biotec Pharmacon held by Jethro: 80,000.

Stuart Devine, Vice President of Marketing, Woulgan

Stuart Devine has more than 20 years’ sales and marketing experience in global healthcare corporations including Kimberly-Clark Health Care and CR Bard. Stuart Devine joins us from Smith & Nephew where he was Senior Director Global Marketing in the Advanced Wound Care Division. His position will be located in the UK. Stuart Devine and associates hold 45,187 shares and 30,000 options in Biotec Pharmacon.