Biotec Pharmacon ASA shall be a principle contributor in the field of developing immunomodulatory products and cold adapted marine enzymes.

The company shall become a provider of new and effective solutions within wound care, cancer therapies and other immune related disease areas, and be a leading supplier of novel and effective enzymes for diagnostics and genetic research.

Biotec Pharmacon shall create value for its shareholders through profitable commercialization of its specialized bioactive products in the international market. The company shall continuously contribute to the society by developing novel and valuable products.

Business Idea

In the Beta-Glucan area, Biotec Pharmacon is developing applications from its unique patent protected soluble beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, produced in the company’s GMP approved factory in Tromsø. This immunomodulatory substance has shown great promise in the prevention of several  immune-related diseases. The company is currently focusing on applications for topical wound care, with cancer and Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) following. The topical wound care project has reached a stage where the company is actively seeking partners for product development , commercialization and distribution.

The subsidiary ArcticZymes has a number of unique enzymes already on the market.  These patent protected enzymes are results of bioprospecting activities in arctic waters, and while active in cold environments they can easily be inactivated and removed through a heating step.  The enzymes are therefore very well suited in genetic test procedures, such as preparation of RNA or DNA samples prior to amplification, but also in other processes where low  temperature in handling procedures are favourable.

The Group develops new and patented technologies and products based on own explorative research, both in-house and in cooperation with domestic and international medical universities and research institutions of high reputation.  Biotec Pharmacon carries out its operating activities within its two business areas via its subsidiaries Biotec BetaGlucans AS and ArcticZymes AS.