Intellectual property rights

Biotec Pharmacon’s activities in the development, production and commercialization of pharma-grade kolbhand_5beta-glucans, and marine biochemicals used in molecular biology, have resulted in a large and growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

The company currently has 16 patent families and 6 trademark families.

The protection of IP is considered a vital part of Biotec Pharmacon’s business strategy, and its value is being secured by a highly educated staff and by a global network of IP-consultants.

Biotec Pharmacon is committed to commercialize its intellectual property through own products, but also through licensing arrangements. As a result, the company has collaborations and licensing agreements with several other companies and institutions.

Licensing income from Biotec Pharmacon’s intellectual property will remain a source of income for the future growth of the company and for funding new research and product development.

For questions regarding Biotec Pharmacon’s IP or possible licensing opportunities, please contact the Director of IP, .