toril_og_kolonnerThe company has continuously invested in developing and improving its unique products and production processes.

Biotec Pharmacon is now operating a modern, industrial manufacturing facility in accordance with GMP-requirements for pharmaceutical products.

The plant has a production capacity that makes it possible to increase production significantly to meet the demands arising from the company’s pharmaceutical plans, without further investments and increases in overhead.

Dietary supplements and cosmetics

Biotec Pharmacon is a world-leading manufacturer of beta-1,3/1,6-glucan products which are, amongst others, used as health promoting dietary supplements, and as active ingredient in cosmetics. The products are produced in a GMP-facility in Tromsø, Norway, applying the highest quality standards within the glucan industry.

biot_-5-Biotec Pharmacon has entered into an exclusive supply agreement with Sana Pharma AS / NutraQ AS, who are presently responsible for sales of the company’s beta glucan products within the fields of dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Our dietary supplement NBG has been granted Novel Food Approval in EU.

For questions about sourcing of beta-glucan bulk products or finished goods, please contact  or