Biotec Pharmacon logoBiotec Pharmacon is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures new immunomodulatory products and cold adapted marine enzymes.  The company focuses on new and effective solutions within wound care, cancer therapies and other immune related disease areas, and aspires to become a leading supplier of novel enzymes for diagnostics and genetic research.

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Biotec Oslo BørsThe shares of Biotec Pharmacon ASA are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The listing took place on 4 November 2005. The ticker symbol for Biotec Pharmacon is BIOTEC.

Biotec Pharmacon ASA is included in the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index – OSEBX as from 1 June 2014.

OSEBX is an investable index that comprises a representative selection of all the shares listed on Oslo Børs.

Latest stock information

Biotec Pharmacon has 43,944,673 shares outstanding with a nominal value of NOK 1 per share.

This includes the following changes in Share Capital:

  • 2007: Public share issue: 2,148,900 shares
  • 2010: Private placement:  3,500,000 shares
  • 2011: Subsequent offering: 1.200,000 shares
  • 2011: Employee share issue: 214,906 shares
  • 2013: Private placement: 9,500,000 shares
  • 2013: Subsequent offering: 1,340,357 shares
  • 2014: Private placement: 3,900,000 shares
  • 2014: Employee share issue: 143,000 shares (April)
  • 2014: Employee share issue: 72,200 shares (August)
  • 2014: Employee share issue: 115,000 shares (December)
  • 2015: Employee share issue: 321,300 shares (April 14)

The share registrar is:

Postboks 1600 Sentrum| NO-0021 Oslo | Norway

For Investor Relations inquiries, please contact CFO:

Børge Sørvoll,
P.O. Box 6463,
NO-9294 Tromsø,

telephone +47 952 90 187.