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  • Exploring a New Enzymatic Tool for AAV Production

    ArcticZymes' senior business development manager, Andrew Ward, has published an article in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News detailing the use of ArcticZymes' SAN HQ in AAV production. "The hallmark of the enzyme is salt tolerance. Most nucleases in the molecular toolbox can tolerate sodium chloride up to about 150 mM (depending on other conditions), but…

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Fourth quarter 2017 results

Biotec Pharmacon ASA (”Biotec”, OSE: BIOTEC) reported sales of NOK 17.7 million (18.2) in the fourth quarter of 2017, and a negative EBITDA of NOK 7.2 million (-8.1). Sales for 2017 amounted to NOK 66.7 million (71.2) and the EBITDA was negative NOK 22.9 million (-19.0). The Company experienced sales growth within…

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