ArcticZymes signs new supply agreement for enzyme, Cod UNG

(Tromsø 13. December 2018) Biotec Pharmacon’s (OSE: Biotec) subsidiary ArcticZymes has signed a supply agreement with a major Japanese company for its product Cod UNG. ArcticZymes AS, a leader in the development and commercialization of enzymes applied to molecular diagnostics, gene therapy, and protein purification, announces a new dual track supply agreement for its specialized … Continued ›

Article: Decontamination of PCR master mixes can improve accuracy and sensitivity in microbiome analyses

A paper recently published in Letters in Applied Microbiology describes advantages of using ArcticZymes’ PCR Decontamination Kit in master mix clean-up prior to PCR in microbiome analysis applications. In molecular diagnostics and applied sciences, a current trend is to migrate from searching for a set of predefined microorganisms to identifying and quantifying all microorganisms present … Continued ›

Biotec renews clinical trial agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

(Tromsø 13 November 2018) Biotec Pharmacon’s (OSE:BIOTEC) subsidiary Biotec BetaGlucans has renewed the clinical trial agreement (CTA) with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) to cover the full study period for the ongoing clinical trial called «Phase I/II Trial of a Bivalent Vaccine with the Immunological Adjuvant OPT-821, in Combination with Oral ß-glucan for High-Risk … Continued ›

Article published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

The team of Anders Ståhlberg (Sahlgrenska Cancer Center at University of Gothenburg) in collaboration with ArcticZymes has today published an article in International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The article, titled “Preamplification with dUTP and Cod UNG Enables Elimination of Contaminating Amplicons”, describes how the use of dUTPs in combination with Cod UNG in targeted preamplification … Continued ›

ArcticZymes AS secures first supply agreement for utility of Salt Active Nuclease in Gene Therapy

(Tromsø 30 September 2018) Biotec Pharmacon ASA’s (OSE:BIOTEC) subsidiary ArcticZymes secures its first supply agreement for the utility of Salt Active Nuclease (SAN) in the cGMP manufacturing of viruses for gene therapy  ArcticZymes’ Novel SAN-HQ enzyme offers gene therapy and vaccine customers a more cost effective and technically superior solution for removing contaminating DNA during … Continued ›

Biotec Pharmacon changes management in the wound care area

(Tromsø 20 September 2018) Stuart Devine, who has been leading Biotec’s efforts in introducing Woulgan® to the market for the last 3 years is leaving Biotec Pharmacon after a mutual agreement  Biotec Pharmacon has hired Mr. Finn Ketler to manage the wound care area going forward. Finn has a long and extensive background within medical … Continued ›

300-patient clinical evaluation publication confirms significant wound healing and cost savings with Woulgan

(Tromsø, 13 September 2018) The 300-patient study announced on March 1st, 2018 has been published in the Journal of Wound Care, a UK peer-reviewed journal. The publication confirms Woulgan’s ability to accelerate healing in patients with slow healing or static wounds, with significant, associated cost savings. Highlights from the publication are,   107% increase in wound … Continued ›

Vacancies in ArcticZymes

QC tekniker og Forskningstekniker Vår ekspanderende produktportefølje gjør at vi trenger 2 nye dyktige medarbeidere til å utføre kvalitetskontroller i vårt produksjons- og forskningslaboratorium i Tromsø. Stillingene vil i all hovedsak bestå av laboratoriearbeid med molekylære og biokjemiske analyser i forbindelse med kvalitetskontroll og produktutvikling. Stillingene vil ha oppgaver i både Produksjon og QC avdelingen … Continued ›

Woulgan publication in “SÅR” 2018, volume 27 issue 1

Woulgan has been evaluated at the wound clinic “Stavanger Sykepleieklinikk”. 7 wounds with 10 weeks to 3 years duration were treated. 4 wounds healed and the remaining 3 showed a 48-65% size reduction in wound size. The results from this study is compiled and published in the wound magazine SÅR 2018, volume 27 issue 1. … Continued ›

Woulgan publication in Sårmagasinet nr. 3 2018

The woundclinic at Mälersjukehuset in Sweden has tested Woulgan as part of a bigger case study evaluation. Of the 11 wounds evaluated,  9 were completly healed or showed more than a 50% size reduction. The completely healed wounds healed within a 4 week treatment period. The results from this study were compiled and published in Sårmagasinet number 3 2018, authored by the wound care nurses Agata … Continued ›

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