Biotec Pharmacon ASA is a biotechnology company developing, producing and marketing immune modulating beta-glucans and novel recombinant enzymes. The Company is organized into two business areas, each managed as a separate operating unit.


Biotec BetaGlucans AS

Biotec BetaGlucans develops and manufactures immune modulating compounds for the human health sectors. The company is spearheading research on products that may prevent or treat diseases caused by failure, imbalance and over-reaction of the immune system.

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ArcticZymes AS

ArcticZymes develops and markets recombinant enzymes for use in life science research and in the molecular diagnostics sector. The enzymes are derived from cold-water marine species and offer novel functionality to customer products.

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Biotec Pharmacon ASA is the parent holdingcompany providing support functions to the operating companies, including administration, finance, IT, QA etc.

The headquarter and laboratories are located at the SIVA Innovation Centre, Tromsø, close to the Arctic University of Norway, while the production facilities are located in adjacent premises. Most of the employees and associates are located in Tromsø except for the marketing and sales teams that are located in their core markets in Europe and the US. In addition, ArcticZymes has established distribution centres in the United States and in the Netherlands in order to serve its customers efficiently. Biotec Betaglucans AS established a warehouse in Denmark at the end of
2016 to serve better its European distributors.

The Biotec Pharmacon group co-operate closely with a number of universities and research institutes and is also connected to BioTech North, an emerging marine biotechnology cluster of enterprises and R&D organizations based in Tromsø.