Capital markets day 2017

Biotec Pharmacon ASA (“Biotec”, OSE: BIOTEC) announces today the company´s strategic update and 2020 ambitions at Biotec´s Capital Markets Day 2017 (CMD). The company is currently building revenues in 4 different markets with a 2020 revenue ambition of NOK 150-200 million where partnerships and value creating activities will be key priorities.
– Biotec has over the last few years generated a solid platform for future activities that will create long-term shareholder value. Biotec is focusing on commercial activities where the aim is to secure growth in revenues and development of new products, says Svein Lien, CEO of Biotec Pharmacon.

At the company’s Capital Markets Day 17 August 2017, Biotec will provide investors, analysts and journalists with a strategic update and a 2020 revenue ambition of NOK 150-200 millions.

The following are key factors for obtaining Biotec’s strategy:

  • Expand sales and product portfolio in ArcticZymes through partnerships,
    joint ventures and/or strategic initiatives
  • Recurring and growing Woulgan® revenues in key markets
  • Product expansion and market access to the US for Woulgan®
  • Securing long-term and committed supply agreements for the unique ingredients M-Glucan® and M-Gard® used in consumer- and animal health applications
  • Establish commercial initiatives within cancer adjuvant

– Biotec BetaGlucans is continuing its efforts to generate sales in key markets, the Nordics, Germany and the UK. While we wait for Drug Tariff appeal in the UK, Woulgan’s sales are primarily generated in Germany where the Company experiences strong growth and positive feedback. We are also generating new evidence and documentation to support commercial progress, says Svein Lien, and point to Woulgan’s strategic initiatives for long term value creation:

  • Delivering Europeans sales creates confidence and profit for additional growth
  • Launching Woulgan dry layer product opens even larger market and expands the product offering
  • Sales evolution and new products create opportunities for partnerships where the US market has top priority

In parallel, Biotec BetaGlucans will develop existing and new supplier agreements both within animal- and consumer health, in addition to explore commercial opportunities within the field of cancer adjuvant.

In the enzymes market, ArcticZymes has a strong brand position as a business-to-business supplier with a reputation as a supplier of unique and high quality enzymes. ArcticZymes has developed a solid business foundation for future growth putting the Company in a position for “the next level”.

– ArcticZymes has a unique value proposition. Going forward the focus will be on evolving its enzyme offerings also to other novel enzymes. Through expansion of the product portfolio ArcticZymes will increase its market share and revenues going forward, says Lien.

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