300-patient clinical evaluation publication confirms significant wound healing and cost savings with Woulgan

(Tromsø, 13 September 2018) The 300-patient study announced on March 1st, 2018 has been published in the Journal of Wound Care, a UK peer-reviewed journal. The publication confirms Woulgan’s ability to accelerate healing in patients with slow healing or static wounds, with significant, associated cost savings. Highlights from the publication are,

  •   107% increase in wound healing over 12 weeks for ulcer-type wounds versus standard care
  •   Average cost-saving of £211 per patient

The prospective clinical evaluation, within a community care setting, compared healing rates when using Woulgan on 150 patients with slow-healing or static wounds, versus 150 patients treated with standard care. Results show significant improvements in healing across various wound types with the use of Woulgan [1] , in particular, more than double (107%) the rate of healing over 12 weeks for ulcer-type wounds [1]. The result of the accelerated healing time also delivered a cost saving benefit of 24% on average per patient.

As healthcare professionals it is our responsibility to implement best practice to help progress wound closure and using effective new technologies and treatments is instrumental in enabling us to do this.” says Sharon Hunt, advanced nurse practitioner and lead author of the clinical evaluation. “By using Woulgan on slow healing wounds, not only have we improved the rate of healing significantly, but we have seen cost savings of £211 per patient.”

 Burden of Wound Care

In the UK, approximately 2.2 million chronic wounds are managed annually within the NHS [2] . The combined costs for their treatment is estimated at £4.5-5.1 billion per annum [2]. Clinicians’ adoption of a cost-effective healing treatment such as Woulgan has the potential to significantly reduce the overall financial burden that chronic wound care currently represents.

Mode of Action

Ineffective assessment and management of the underlying pathologies of a wound are some of the main barriers to successful wound healing [3]. Woulgan is an active therapy that offers a solution to directly address the unbalanced pathology of the wound which can slow down the healing process. The active component, soluble beta-glucan, can restart healing in the wound through macrophage activation [1]. Woulgan promotes a moist healing environment and helps rehydrate necrotic tissue supporting cell proliferation and stimulation of the wound bed itself, kick-starting the healing process. Woulgan should be applied to wounds as early as 4 weeks when healing is seen to be slow with standard care, thus limiting both the financial and psychological impacts of a slow to heal wound [1].

As a secondary outcome in the reported study, mean pain scores were seen to be lower in patients treated with Woulgan, despite higher initial reported pain. Patient satisfaction was found to be highest amongst those treated with Woulgan compared to those receiving standard care.

The full study has been published in the Journal of Wound Care, September 2018, electronically available here 

 About the Study

This descriptive, retrospective evaluation was undertaken over a large community setting in which Biotec Pharmacon provided funding and devices. The study sought to determine whether the use of Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel could give improved length of wound healing outcomes for patients with slow to heal or static chronic wounds who self-present to their own general practitioner surgery. One hundred and fifty patients were recruited to use Woulgan, results were compared to retrospective results of one hundred and fifty patients from the same care environment exactly one year previously, representing standard care outcomes.

 About Woulgan

Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel is a CE certified medical device containing the ancillary medicinal substance soluble beta-glucan, for activation of macrophages in the wound bed. It is approved for use only in territories that acknowledge the CE mark. Woulgan is very simple to use and was listed on UK Drug Tariff in January 2018. For more information on Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel please visit www.woulgan.com.