ArcticZymes launches two new polymerase enzymes

(Tromsø 20. December 2017) Biotec Pharmacon ASA’s (OSE:BIOTEC) subsidiary ArcticZymes has today launched two new polymerase enzymes

ArcticZymes entered the polymerase market in September 2016 with its first IsoPolTM enzyme. Today ArcticZymes launches two new polymerase enzymes to complement its expanding IsoPolTM product line of novel polymerases. The new enzymes, IsoPol™ SD⁺ and IsoPol™ BST⁺, each offer enhanced features that have been requested by ArcticZymes customers.

ArcticZymes strategy is to innovate the next generation of polymerases to serve the unmet demands necessary to facilitate the development of novel technologies. In combination with a variety of attractive features engineered into the enzymes, ArcticZymes is able to offer a diverse range of unique IsoPol™ polymerases to its commercial partners and end users.

Over the next few years, ArcticZymes will continue to expand the IsoPolTM product line with the introduction of additional unique polymerase enzymes and synergistic support products. With an expanded portfolio, ArcticZymes will be able to support both existing and new technologies within In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and personalised medicine. This will lead to increased accessibility for these technologies within the healthcare area.

Launching of these two new enzymes is part of ArcticZymes strategy to deliver on its 2020 ambitions.

“ArcticZymes approach has been to listen to its customers who develop and market innovative molecular technologies. Such customer feedback is integral to ArcticZymes innovation process. We plan to deliver the most desirable and commercially attractive enzymes that are essential components in driving new molecular technologies. Today we are delighted to introduce two novel polymerases designed based on our customer driven innovation process.” says Jethro Holter, Managing Director, ArcticZymes AS.