UK Drug Tariff rejects current Woulgan application

Biotec Pharmacon ASA’s (”Biotec”, OSE: BIOTEC) subsidiary Biotec Betaglucan has received negative feedback from UK Drug Tariff regarding application for reimbursement.

The UK Drug Tariff has in a letter of May 2nd informed Biotec Pharmacon that the NHS has decided not to list Woulgan based on its current application because they consider the evidence provided to be insufficient to document cost effectiveness.

The management are considering if there are grounds for an appeal in line with the NHS’ own guidelines and will explore such options with subject-matter experts in the coming days. At the same time, Biotec is continuing to produce clinical documentation and case series evaluations from the UK, German and Nordic markets, all of which are expected to make a further contribution in any potential resubmission to the NHS.

“We are very disappointed with this decision but will, over the next few days, consider the best way forward to get favourable reimbursement in the UK”, says Svein Lien, CEO of Biotec Pharmacon